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GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe Startup Item Info

9 Recgonized Variations. 2 Unrecgonized Variations.

ExeName: GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe

Overall Popularity:

Program Name: swg

GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe is a very popular found on Windows PCs. It is published by Google Inc.. The most recent common version is 4, 1, 509, 1944. Startup Items automatically launch a program when your computer starts up. This is helpfully for programs you use frequently, but can slow down startup speed and clutter your PC with software you don't use often.

Detailed Info: Comes with Google Toolbar. This app prevents other programs from replacing Google Toolbar as your default search toolbar.

Publisher: Google is one of America's most well-known technology companies. They provide the world's most popular search engine, Gmail email service, Android OS, Chrome OS, AdWords, AdSense, and other products and services. The Chrome web browser and Google toolbar are their most common PC software.

Publisher Details

Company: Google Inc.

Website: http://www.google.com

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, USA

Type: Public

Stock: GOOG

Recognized Variations:

Product Name Company Size Version Popularity
swg Google Inc. 38.48KB 4, 1, 509, 1944
swg Google Inc. 114.48KB 4, 1, 509, 1944
swg Google Inc. 167.43KB 1, 2, 1128, 5462
swg Google Inc. 159.74KB 1, 2, 908, 5008
swg Google Inc. 158.93KB 1, 2, 911, 3380
swg Google Inc. 152.24KB 1, 0, 720, 3640
swg Google Inc. 110.48KB 4, 1, 509, 1944
swg Google Inc. 67.24KB 2, 0, 301, 1654
swg Google Inc. 106.48KB 4, 1, 509, 1944

Unrecognized Variations:

Product Name Company Size Version Popularity
swg 92.01KB
swg 40.01KB